Sports Betting – Common Mistakes of Newbies

New bettors often become the main source of profit for bookmakers. Lack of experience leads to wrong actions and loss of money. In this article, we will look at the mistakes that new sports betting make when starting their betting career. These mistakes can definitely be avoided so as not to lose your capital. Let’s find out with PHLOVE now.

Common mistakes in sports betting that newbie

Common mistakes in sports betting that newbie
Common mistakes in sports betting that newbie

When starting out in our competitive careers, many of us make the same typical mistakes over and over again. Here are some serious mistakes you often make when participating in sports betting.

The first mistake is to bet all-in

The easiest way to lose money is to bet all your money on one event. It loses and you are left with a hole in your pocket with no way to correct the mistake. In such situations, new players immediately go into debt and try to win it back. This is a surefire path to nowhere that will end in tears and discourage any desire to play.

It is much more effective to first understand the nature of betting. Achieve some success and then slowly increase the percentage.

Chasing high odds

It is difficult for beginners to immediately understand the nature of coefficients. Many questions arise. This is one of the five mistakes of new sports players. You need to know and avoid it decisively.

Do not chase high odds. First, analyze the situation carefully and find out why the bookmaker decided to offer such numbers. And only when you do not find any arguments, act. After all, bookmaker mistakes still happen; real people work there too.

Betting too cautiously

Betting too cautiously

It doesn’t take a betting genius to understand the basic truth: the lower the odds of an event, the higher the chances of that team winning. By betting on small quotes, we earn little money. Therefore, the conclusion is that the accepted odds must be too high. It is difficult to grow a bankroll using such tactics at the early stages when you still make too many mistakes.

Size does not matter. If we are talking about coefficients. Don’t be too cautious, everything has a limit. You will not be able to grow a bankroll this way and you will not be able to make money from betting. It is better to focus on competent match analysis and finding profitable quotes.

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Bet on everything

The usual situation is that the bettor who is still “green” seizes his luck and starts betting on everything. A few late bets can make a green player frustrated. At this point, the predators are sitting in the bushes and rubbing their hands. Soon they will have the desired prey.

To become an experienced bettor, you need to follow two golden rules:

  • Bet only on popular tournaments.
  • Eliminate all exotic tournaments at the early stage.

Uncontrollable Excitement

Uncontrollable Excitement

Emotional gambling is dangerous not only because you lose your bank account. But also because you risk becoming a gambling addict and ruining your life. WHO has not recognized this as an official disease for no reason. Calming your excitement is a separate art form.

Experienced gamblers have nerves of steel and know how to control their emotions in any situation. They become psychologists and learn to organize everything in their heads, acting with cold calculation.

The ability to control emotions determines 50% of success in betting. At first glance, it seems easy and accessible to everyone.

Too many bets

Beginners to betting skills sometimes think that the more fishing rods you cast, the more fish you will catch. This is a deceptive way of thinking. Winning players always limit the number of sports and championships they bet money on. The smaller the distraction, the greater the level of involvement and immersion in the events, the better you can analyze the details of the upcoming team meeting. By focusing on a small number of bets, bettors have the opportunity to collect and process statistics more carefully, and then make the most accurate forecast.


All of the above are typical for beginners entering the world of sports betting. Do not repeat these mistakes, use the experience of thousands of people who have come to betting before you, you will have happiness and financial growth!

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